FirstScan Clinic

Pregnancy Care Center in Liverpool

firstScan offer a range of early scan packages. From those wanting the pregnancy dating, require reassurance or viability. We also offer specialist scans.

Led by an expert team comprising of Obstetric Consultants, Senior Sonographers, Midwives, Nurses & Chaperones; firstScan is in the best destination for your private obstetric ultrasound needs.

Operating within leading private baby scan studios, firstScan Clinics offer the earliest assurance of a confirmed pregnancy. Whether you choose to have one or more scans at our firstScan Clinics, you will be guaranteed to receive assurance, care and understanding from our team of highly qualified professionals who are dedicated in caring for you and your baby.

firstScan offer a range of scans that are targeted at women who have had different pregnancy histories or simply want assurance that their pregnancy is developing normally. This is a unique approach to the early scans sector with most other providers simply offering a generic Early Scan. All scans are provided by a registered private baby scan studio. All scans are completed by a diagnostically trained and registered Sonographers. All of our scans are diagnostic for the protection and maintenance of health of mother and baby.

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Street: 17 Meridian Way, Hansby Dr,
City: Liverpool
Zip: L24 9LG

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