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Alternative & Holistic Health Service in Liverpool

Well-being Energetics offers a range of holistic healing methods. The centre specialises in a number of subtle energy healing therapies including: homeopathy, bioresonance (which is particularly good for allergies and addiction therapy) and a form of distant healing called radionics which uses subtle frequencies to ‘send’ healing to a client anywhere in the world.
I specialise in a form of needle free acupuncture called Acu-TENS which uses tiny electrical pulses via surface skin pads placed over acupuncture points. The sensation is like a mild pins and needles and is very relaxing as it stimulates the bodies own endorphins to be produced.
The centre also offers a number of physical therapy approaches including aromatherapy, hot stone massage and hyperthermia which uses high frequency energy to stimulate healing of the cells and toning of the body tissues.
My special interest is in helping conditions of an emotional/mental cause as stress underlies most disease. I use a variety of healing methods which help the body relax in a natural way both physically, mentally and emotionally. The centre offers affordable relaxation healing sessions which can relax, rejuvenate and heal.
We also have a little shop offering a range of health products such as essential oils, crystals, energy healing pendants, home therapy devices etc. We are located in the El Zoco complex next to the sport stadium in Nerja

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Street: 33 Blacklow Brow
City: Liverpool
Zip: 33 Blacklo

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