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Jobskin are a company that has built its reputation by producing outstanding quality medical pressure garments for over 40 years.


We offer the highest quality ready to wear and specialist, made to measure products. Our range includes Pressure Therapy Products, Dynamic Compression for Sensory Dynamic Orthosis, Surgical Corsets, Leg and Arm Gaiters, Orthowrap Knee and Wrist Supports and Silicone Gel Products for Scar Management. Jobskin are dedicated to providing the ultimate in therapy management and our long standing reputation is maintained by our commitment to product research and development, allowing us to offer innovative products unmatched in the market today. Alongside our comprehensive specialist bespoke service, we also manufacture an extensive range of quality stock orthotic products.

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Sensory Dynamic Orthosis for Cerebral Palsy/Spina Bifida/Multiple Sclerosis/Strokes/Ehlers Danlos Syndrome/hypertonia/hypotonia, Pro-TEM SDO Assessment, Pressure Therapy, Burns & Scars, Lymph-oedema, Vascular, MTM & Ready Made Garments, Silicone Gel Therapy, Specialised ready to Wear Garments, Corsets & Gaiters, Body allure, Orthwrap and much much more!...

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Street: Unit 13A Harrington Mill, Leopold Street, Long Eaton
City: Nottingham
Zip: NG10 4QG

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