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Welcome to the offFBicial Facebook page for the Royal College of General Practitioners, a professional membership body for family doctors in the UK and overseas. We are committed to improving patient care, clinical standards and GP training.

Company Overview
The Royal College of General Practitioners is the professional membership body for family doctors in the UK and overseas.

What the RCGP does

We are the professional membership body and guardian of standards for family doctors in the UK, working to promote excellence in primary healthcare.

A voice for GPs and patients

We speak up for standards in primary care. Acting as a voice for primary care practitioners and their patients, we:
•play a leading role in the formation of policy in key areas like GP Revalidation and appraisal
•produce position papers to inform debate
•take part in consultations issued by government and other organisations.


**GP training and development

We work to improve GP education and training, defining standards through the GP Curriculum and upholding them through our MRCGP membership exam.

We provide continued support, with a comprehensive range of courses, events and resources to help GPs keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

**Research in primary care

Our Clinical Research and Innovation Centre (CIRC) provides research leadership in primary care. We identify priorities, secure funding, manage projects and share outcomes.


The Research and Surveillance Centre (RSC) makes a major contribution to monitoring infection rates for flu and other communicable diseases, collecting and publishing data from a network of around 100 GPs.


We publish the British Journal of General Practice (BJGP), globally distributed to family practitioners and primary care researchers. BJGP is a leading source of research, debate, and analysis in general practice and primary care, becoming the field’s second most highly cited journal world-wide.



We are committed to promoting excellence in primary healthcare around the world, working with overseas colleagues through our successful international development programme.

**Support our work

You can support the important work we do by making a donation, having your name inscribed on the ‘foundation wall’ at our new headquarters or remembering us in your will.


Founding Date

**MRCGP training and assessment system for UK trained doctors
**Online knowledge updates, tests and courses
**Courses, events and conferences
**GP Trainee ePortfolio and Revalidation ePortfolio
**British Journal of General Practice

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Street: 30 Euston Square
City: London
Zip: NW1 2FB

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