TheOlive Branch Roundhay

Restaurant in Leeds

Cold Starters at Town
Mixed Cold Meze (2 People) £ 11.99
Hummus, cacik, smoked aubergine, saksuka, spinach tarator & carrot, kisir and vine leaves.

Olive Branch Beetroot Salad(V) £ 4.49
Beetroot, yoghurt, pomegranate seeds.

Kisir (V) £ 3.99
Steam cooked fine bulgur wheat, crushed chilli, red and green peppers, celery, parsley, red pepper puree, olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

Smoked Aubergine (V) £ 4.99
yoghurt mayonnaise, seasoned with corriander, herbs and garlic.

Spinach Tarator & carrot (V) £ 3.99
Fresh spinach, carrot with creamy yoghurt, a hint of garlic & seasoning.

Russian Salad £ 4.99
Potato, peas, pickle, egg, carrot mixed in mayonnaise.

Stuffed vine leaves (V) £ 3.99
A mixture of rice, onion and garlic puree, lemon peel and wrapped in vine leaves then stewed and served with cacik.

Saksuka £ 3.99
Aubergine, mushroom and peppers in special tomato sauce.

Feta & Olives (V) £ 4.95
Marinated mixed olives with dressing, turkish feta cheese.

Ezme (V) £ 3.99
Fresh chilli, tomato, red onions, parsley, herbs & sauce.

Cacik (V) £ 3.99
Refreshing garlic yoghurt dip blended with fresh mint and olive oil.

Hummus £ 3.99
Ground chickpea dip dressed with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Hot Starters at town
Mixed Hot Meze (2 People) £ 12.99
Halloumi, sigara boregi, sucuk, falafel, kalamar and hummus.

Falafel (V) £ 4.99
Falafel with crushed Chickpeas, herbs and garlic, served on a bed of hummus with homemade bread.

Sucuk Kavurma & Hummus £ 5.99
Fried Turkish spicy sausage on Hummus.

Sucuk £ 4.99
Turkish Spicy sausage.

Garlic Mushroom (V) £ 3.99
Pan fried mushrooms with a hint of garlic, in a buttery tomato sauce.

Kalamar £ 4.99
Fried fresh squid with sauce.

Pan Fried Prawns £ 4.99
Prawns, tomato sauce & touch of garlic and pepper.

BBQ Red onion (V) £ 3.99
Arnavut Cigeri £ 4.99
Sautéed freash lambs liver, served with onions.

Sigara Boregi (Cheese Roll) (V) £ 4.99
Stuffed filo pastry with creamy fetes cheese and parsley served with salad.

Halloumi (V) £ 4.99
Grilled Halloumi, served with salad.

Soup of the day £ 3.99
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Street: 139 Street Ln, Roundhay,
City: Leeds
Zip: LS8 1AA

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